Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Individual Initiation into Self Mastery

Self Mastery can be defined as having the human ability to manage one's thoughts, feelings and emotions, especially as one is clearing one's 'human domestication process.' Human domestication process is how I refer to what was passed down to you by family members, learning institutions, culture, as well as peers--especially during your formative years of life. Later on in one's life, Self Mastery helps the individual manage, cope, and deal with real life situations, especially with other human beings, be it with your partner, family, friends, and or with individuals in your work environment.

The most unlimited and active form of living life is when humans learn how to 'connect' with one's self, to feel others that you are relating and interacting with, either on a personal basis or work environment. Connecting with self, is the act of becoming aware, owning, and expressing in a healthy way your feelings and emotions.

One way to better understand and overcome the challenges of the cultural transmissions, also known as 'human domestication process,' or what can be seen now as the 'effects' from that process, is to have awareness of this process taking place in you, as well as the forthcoming induction into your own self-mastery. These effects, may now be coming up as limited and/or unlimited human patterns, specifically limited values, norms, and beliefs that have been passed down to you through this human learning process.


The first significant learning phase in this process, which by the way, shows you that you're doing your work, can be through an 'Initiation.' This initiation can transform you from a singular 'mental' way of operating to a multidimensional being of 'heart and mind' way of being. The purpose of this Self Mastery Initiation, which happens as you deepen in your own emotional work, is to awaken the wise 'Elder' in you that will assist you to connect to a deeper sense of the dual nature that lives within you--the 'mental' and the 'emotional'--and help you live life in balance.

Through this metaphorical second birth, a person can become sensitively aware of the human duality of the "feminine" and "masculine" energies that exist in them. This dualism can be experienced in the material mental mind and in the emotional heart's deeper knowing. Through this new depth of awareness we can fully participate in life and eventually become happy and fulfilling human beings.

Elders are those who, because of their life experiences, can see many sides of any issue. These Elders, after connecting, owning, and healing many of their wounds, can sense the fear and limited motives in themselves and others and can guide others into owning and healing wounds from their individual human domestication. These Elders many times can set an example for others just by living the teaching.

When working with this model for Self Mastery, the initiation of the mind into the higher mental and emotional self brings about an energetic shift: out of the mind of fear and control to a higher and deeper knowing of heart and mind that brings about freedom, and connection to the unlimited. This is reached through a willing vulnerability and a dawning of one's own feelings and emotions, which can bring about a deepening of your self-awareness.

Initiation can be Ruthless

The initiation can be ruthless. It has no mercy with the "victim" that exists in the initiate who has chosen this mysterious passage into the unknown. The mind thinks it is losing control of all it believes, knows, values, and thinks it controls. The mind endures torture and agony, almost as if the individual would be losing total control of their faculties, coming to a place of becoming powerless. In fact, what is actually happening to the mind is that its giving way to a higher purpose that has deeper wisdom than the mind.

This is when the student of life sets in motion the mutation processes of change, moving from the limited mind, yielding to what's greater than any human, into the absolute unlimited part of each. The student discovers there is something much more powerful than their own mind and self-control. This process will eventually take the initiate through a place of not knowing, and may go beyond the minds limitation.

As one enters this initiatory process one can become aware of an unpleasant feeling of apprehension or distress, often referred to as "fear." When this fear is not acknowledged and owned by the mind it may be projected onto others in forms of blame or victim stance, and sometimes it may be projected inwardly blaming you, and some may do both. Fear may also create realistic manifestations that can also be felt in the physical body.

Fear and the "Little Self"

If this feeling of fear is gently followed within, it can lead the initiate into surrendering the "little self," also known as the ego, image, or mask, to a higher and deeper sense of one's own truth. In this new state, one is not separate from anything or anyone. There is no awareness of separation between "them and us," or "he and she." Everything and everyone is included in this human dream of life.

To each individual making this initiation into the unknown, it can be very frightening and at the same time, very distinctive for each individual. It holds no boundary for the victim within that lives on fear, guilt, control, and pretense. This incomprehensible state of "being out of control," can be overwhelming to the mind living in fear and at the same time very liberating to the initiate seeking freedom from that same fear and limitation that took them there in the first place.

Once one crosses the threshold of what appears real and passes the initiation phase of what may feel like death to the old illusion based on fear and control, a new challenge appears for the initiate. They may want to hold this beautiful new truth in their new, and more authentic life. For those that have navigated this mysterious solo journey and initiation, you can be assured that you will be tested in staying in this place of truth, your Truth, over and over again. This is the journey toward total Self Mastery.

As most can verify that have gone through this auspicious initiation, the initiate is automatically admitted to a special group of humans that carry a new and deeper responsibility to Self. This change happens in the mind and heart's awareness until it reaches a physical, mental, emotional, and deeper cellular level, unique to that human being and the lessons brought about in their lifetime.

Don't give up, know your dualism as best you can, be aware of the differences of "self, and Self," be patient, as much as you can live from your balance of your mental, and emotional energies, forgive, endure and stay with the 'love,' and in time, your time, you will be gifted by the Universe and all that reside there.

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